family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

  • 3 Signs Your Car's Transmission Fluid May Be Leaking

    If your car has started jumping or running sluggishly when taking off or shifting gears, your vehicle may be leaking transmission fluid. If you suspect this could be the case, look for one or more of the following additional signs you have a leak. White Or Gray Smoke Coming From Your Engine If your transmission fluid is leaking, you may see white or gray smoke coming from under your hood. This happens when the fluid hits the hot engine, creating steam.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Brakes And The Best Improvements

    The brakes of your car are an important system that help give you control of your car. Usually, cars have stock brake systems off the factory floor. The factory brakes are lower grade parts that can be upgraded to improve performance. Some car manufacturers even have their own high performance brake systems that improve handling. Here are some of the brake improvements that you will want for better performance: 1. Better Performing Brake Pads That Do Not Wear Out as Quickly

  • 4 Sign's Your Vehicle's Alternator Is Failing And Needs To Be Replaced

    In an automobile, the alternator is responsible for recharging the battery and supplying power for the car's electrical system. When an alternator is bad or failing, you may experience a variety of issues with your vehicle. Some of the top signs of an alternator that needs to be replaced include: Dim Headlights Since the headlights on your vehicle are part of the electrical system, they rely on the alternator to give them the power needed to keep them illuminated.

  • 3 Tips To Help Reduce Clutch Wear

    Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission can be exciting, but it also leaves your vehicle susceptible to damage if you don't take the time to learn how to drive properly. Manual transmissions rely on a clutch to help shift the car from one gear to the next. Wearing out this clutch could result in the need for costly repairs. Here are three tips that you can use to help prevent unnecessary clutch wear when driving a manual vehicle in the future.

  • 5 Things To Know About Windshield Repair

    As a car owner, eventually, you may find yourself in need of windshield repair. To ensure that you are prepared for the repairs and take it seriously, you should know these five things about windshield repair: Your Windshield Really Is Important for Safety: First off, you should know that windshields really are important for safety. Even a small chip in the windshield can compromise your safety. A damaged windshield not only impairs your vision of the road, but if your airbags are deployed in an auto accident, they won't have the backing of the windshield to stop them.

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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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