family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

A Safety-Conscious Auto Technician Could Stand Out

by Herman Mills

Persons interested in a new career might look at ways to earn a living doing things they like. Anyone who appreciates cars could look at opportunities with auto technician jobs. Upon completing the necessary training, the new technician can explore open jobs. The career could be more rewarding than many people realize because a skilled technician may point out safety issues with a vehicle. The average driver might not pick up on problems because of a lack of awareness, but a talented technician could notice things when performing a routine inspection.

Technician Training and Safety Issues

A skilled technician could discover problems during a routine oil change or tire rotation. The technician might find an oil leak resulting in a totaled engine, an incident that could happen late at night, leaving the driver alone on the road with an inoperable vehicle. Checking the brakes could uncover excessive wear suggesting the car is highly unsafe. This may lead to recommendations for repairs after inspections and road tests that could address problems that put the driver at risk. 

Highlighting Safety-Conscious Skills

Safety-conscious technicians may set themselves apart from others applying for an auto technician job. When submitting an application or resume for an open position, the technician may note instances where they uncovered safety issues with vehicles and point out the fix provided. Adding such information to an application could highlight how the applicant puts a high value on safety and takes considerate steps to inform drivers when their vehicles require additional work. If the technician implemented any new safety steps or protocols on their previous job, they might find adding the info to a resume worthwhile.

Keeping Current with Training

Technicians who stay on top of vehicle changes may better understand what safety issues to look for in current vehicles. On-the-job experience with newer models helps, but enrolling in a formal training program has upsides, too. Acquiring formal certifications will show potential employers that a technician has continued their training and possesses knowledge gained from the course. The technician could earn certifications from manufacturers, OSHA, and other entities.

Identify Specializations

Sometimes, the person most capable of identifying problems is a technician with specialized skills. A professional with a high level of expertise with transmission issues or an understanding of the finer points of certain popular foreign vehicles may catch mechanical issues others may miss. Such a technician might be a valuable asset to a repair shop looking for a qualified professional. 

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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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