family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Transmission Going Out? 3 Signs Of This Issue

by Herman Mills

A transmission is responsible for your vehicle's ability to move. The transmission is an integral part of your vehicle. Without it, you aren't going to get too far. The transmission can wear out after a while, and it can cause issues for your vehicle, even while you're driving, which can be very dangerous. If you are experiencing transmission issues, you may not know what signs may indicate this is the issue. Read on for some signs that your transmission is beginning to go out.

1. Your Gears Are Slipping

Take note if your gears are slipping while you're driving. This slipping can result in your transmission wearing out with time, so it's important to pay attention to this as you drive. If you notice these issues, you need to report it to your mechanic so it can be repaired right away before the transmission goes out all the way and you wind up in an accident. 

2. You Cannot Shift Into Any Gears

If you are unable to shift your vehicle into any gears at all, it's an issue that you need to take care of right away. Being unable to shift into any of the gears means that you may be unable to even shift your vehicle into drive or reverse and may not be able to move in the way that you need to. You need to get your vehicle towed to the auto shop in order to have it repaired. It may not be drivable the way that it is, and you should have it towed rather than driving it.

3. Grinding Noises When You Drive

If you are hearing grinding noises when you drive or when your vehicle is shifting between gears, it could be the transmission. If your transmission is going out, it may not move through the gears as fluidly as it once did. Those grinding noises may be occurring because there is a lack of fluid, or there may not be enough lubrication in the transmission, and the parts wearing on one another may be causing issues for your transmission. 

If your transmission is going out, there are signs that may be occurring long before it goes out all the way. Pay attention to these signs and take your vehicle to a transmission repair shop to be repaired if you notice any of these signs. 

Contact your mechanic for more information about transmission repairs


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