family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Do You Need Your Vehicle Engine Rebuilt? Find Out

by Herman Mills

A car engine is an internal combustion machine that converts one form of energy into mechanical energy. Since your car depends on the engine for power to facilitate its movement, it is vital to maintain it to prevent premature failure. Moreover, servicing your engine on time will prevent breakdowns from occurring, which may disrupt your livelihood. Therefore, you should engage an auto repair technician to diagnose the engine, tighten loose parts and refill the engine fluids. If the repairs are extensive, they will suggest an engine rebuild to restore your car effectively. Below are signs your vehicle needs an engine rebuild.

Excessive Smoke

If you notice the tailpipe of your vehicle emitting excessive smoke, it could be time for an engine rebuild. Moreover, smoke discoloration may accompany the increase in smoke production, indicating a specific engine malfunction. For instance, white smoke from the smokestacks points to the antifreeze leaking and burning in the combustion chamber, while black smoke indicates an imbalance in fuel and air ratio. Additionally, your automobile will emit blue smoke if it burns engine oil. 

The Engine Light Is On

Your car will typically indicate damage through the engine light. However, it can be difficult to ascertain the exact engine malfunction as the light does not provide any specifications beyond turning on. An engine light meaning may vary depending on the malfunction. For example, if you experience lower fuel efficiency, the oxygen sensor will fail, triggering the engine light. In addition, the fuel cap may loosen, restricting the car's ability to circulate fuel, leading to gas fumes escaping the fuel tank hence turning on the engine light. 

Knocking Noises

Although your car engine produces noises when operating, it should not produce overly loud noises. Unusual sounds such as knocking indicate an incorrect air-fuel mixture which causes fuel to burn in uneven pockets instead of uniform bursts. Moreover, knocking noises will point out to the lubricant depleting in the upper head area. Therefore, it is imperative you engage an expert mechanic to correct octane rating and replace spark plugs to prevent disruptive engine noises.

Engine Odors

If you notice smells from your car, they could indicate an engine malfunction. This is because an engine is designed to run at high temperatures without emitting any odors. Thus, an acrid burning smell will indicate an oil leak due to a loose drain plug or oil cap. Furthermore, your car will smell like rubber if the engine belt slips or overheats, while a short circuit in the engine's wiring will cause a burning plastic odor emission.

A can engine rebuild will ensure your automobile performs optimally without the risk of failing prematurely or causing an accident. Thus, you should visit an auto repair shop for an engine rebuild for a seamless and durable operation. For more information, contact a company like Subie Repair Specialist.


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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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