family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Four Signs You Need Tire Repair On Your Vehicle

by Herman Mills

If you have a need for tire repair, you want to find out before you have your tire blow out on you while driving or go flat when you're parked in a parking lot somewhere. You can take your car in for tire repair at your local tire shop. The sooner you get in for these repairs, the less likely you will be to have to buy a new tire instead. 

Note that if you have multiple tires that need to get repaired at once or you have to get your tires fixed often, this may be a sign that you have another issue with your tires. You may need a wheel alignment or other more serious vehicle repair that can help you preserve your tires longer and make you a more safe driver on the road. Here are four signs you need to get your tires checked and repaired.

You have to air up your tires a lot

Tire pressure fluctuates with the weather since the hot and cold air will affect how full your tires feel. You should not have to air them up all the time regardless. If you are going to the gas station to put air in any of your tires frequently, tire repair is likely going to be needed. A slow leak or a tire off its rim may be to blame for the lack of tire pressure.

Your tires have a leak or tear

A leak or tear in your tires can cause them to be damaged and lose a lot of air. You can have a hole in your tire because you ran over a nail or because your tires are older. Repair is best done right away to preserve the tread and protect your car.

Your tires have a bubble in them

If you can see a bubble in your tires that pokes through the tread, don't drive on the tire until it has tire repair done. The rubber lining under your tire tread should never be visible and can burst if you keep driving on it.

Your tires have wires poking through

You should not be able to see the tread wires in your tires. If you can see them, it's best to simply have your tires replaced unless your tire repair specialist can patch and fix your tire for you. This is usually only the course of action for newer tires; older tires with ample tread wear are often replaced.


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