family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

3 Reasons Oil Change Services Are So Important For Your Vehicle

by Herman Mills

Just about all vehicle owners are aware of the fact that car manufacturers recommend regular oil changes either after a certain amount of time or after driving a certain amount of miles. While the exact intervals at which oil change services are required will vary from vehicle to vehicle, the need to utilize these services on a regular basis is universal to all vehicles. Unfortunately despite having this knowledge, far too many car owners fail to get the oil in their vehicle changed as recommended. In many cases, this is because these individuals simply do not understand why getting their oil changed is so important. Taking the time to learn more about the reasons behind regular oil changes can help to prevent you from making this same mistake. 

#1: Regular Oil Changes Help To Protect Your Engine From Heat Damage

Your motor oil plays an important role in protecting your engine from the heat damage that friction can cause. Over time your motor oil will become less efficient in accomplishing this task. This is because motor oil thickens over time as it picks up debris from inside your engine. This makes it harder for the oil to properly circulate through your engine. This can result in some rather serious damage to your engine and could even cause your engine to seize up if your operating temperature is allowed to get too high. Regular oil changes help to prevent this type of engine damage from occurring. 

#2: Getting Your Oil Changed Can Improve Your Fuel Efficiency

As the oil in your engine begins to thicken, your engine will be required to work harder in order to meet the needs of your vehicle. This means consuming more fuel in order. Having your oil changed on a regular basis will prevent this type of thickening from occurring and ultimately help your engine to operate more efficiently. What this means for you is that you will be spending less money at the gas pump. 

#3: Regular Oil Changes May Be Required To Maintain Your Warranty Coverage

Most vehicle warranties only cover damages that are outside of the owner's control. What this means is that if your behavior resulted in damage to your vehicle, this damage may not be covered under your warranty. Furthermore, you may even find that your warranty coverage can be voided if you fail to live up to your responsibilities under the warranty contract. These responsibilities include getting preventative maintenance services such as an oil change. Consequently, if you wish to maintain the warranty coverage on your vehicle, you will need to get your oil changed at the intervals that are recommended for your specific vehicle. 

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