family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

3 Performance Problems You Could Face With Your RV

by Herman Mills

Owning an RV allows you to enjoy all the comforts of home while you are spending time in the great outdoors. In order for your RV to serve as the peaceful escape you intended it to be, all components must be in good repair.

Here are three common performance problems that you may face with your RV, possible explanations for these problems, and easy ways that an RV technician can address the problems to get you back on the road.

1. No Hot Water

Modern RVs are equipped with water heaters that allow you to have a hot shower while camping. If your water heater is turned on but you don't have any hot water coming out, your camping trip could be ruined.

RV water heaters have both an anode rod and an electric heating element that must be operational for the appliance to function properly. An RV technician can drain and flush your water heater to determine if a new anode rod or heating element needs to be installed.

Once the replacement part is in place, your RV water heater should be able to meet your hot water needs.

2. Stuck Slides

Most of the RVs manufactured today are equipped with slides. These slides can significantly expand the amount of interior space available in an RV while still allowing the vehicle to travel legally on public roadways. The last thing you want to experience is a slide that will not move in or out of your RV.

Stuck slides are typically caused by either dirty slide tracks or empty hydraulic fluid reservoirs. An RV technician will be able to clean and lubricate your slide tracks and replenish the hydraulic fluid supply to get your slides moving smoothly once again.

3. No Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is a modern convenience that many RVs can now provide. In order for the AC unit on your RV to keep the interior cool, it must be maintained regularly. A lack of maintenance is usually to blame for poor AC performance.

You should have an RV technician clean your AC filters, condenser, and evaporator coils regularly to prevent performance problems. Dust and debris can easily collect on the surface of these AC components and prevent the unit from producing cool air.

The technician can also use a fin comb to straighten out any bent blower fins that could be blocking the movement of air in your RV's air conditioner.

Call an RV repair shop to schedule a repair.


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