family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Semi Truck Problems That Should Be Examined By Professional Shops

by Herman Mills

If you work as a trucker and have your own semi-truck, you will probably run into a few problems over the years. Some issues are minor and thus completely manageable. Then there are problems that dramatically affect your rig and its performance. Here are some of these issues, which should be addressed by a professional semi-truck repair shop.

External Corrosion on the Brakes 

Semi-truck brakes can weather in different ways, but one of the more serious issues arises when rust develops. It can occur on the external part of the brakes and subsequently leave them more susceptible to structural problems. You don't want to risk this while driving a large vehicle like a semi-truck.

If you notice signs of corrosion on brake components, take your semi-truck to a professional shop where the rust can be examined in greater detail. A technician can see if the rust is treatable using products that break it down or if you need new brake components. You want a professional opinion in order to maintain brake safety.

Issues With Refrigerated Trailer 

An important part of your semi-truck is the trailer that holds all of your cargo. If you have a refrigerated system for things that need to be kept at a certain temperature, you need to respond quickly when there are problems with it. Otherwise, you could lose all of your cargo and then be responsible for replacing it.

That is less likely to happen if you quickly take the refrigerated trailer to a semi-truck repair shop, where it can be thoroughly examined by a licensed repair contractor. They can test the system's electrical components and make adjustments to get it cooling properly again.

Overheating Engine

In order to safely and effectively drive a semi-truck, the engine needs to remain at a proper temperature. This is a pivotal component of your rig and requires optimal performance on a consistent basis. Semi-truck engines can overheat if there are underlying problems, which you want to address quickly by working with a semi-truck repair shop.

You'll need one to properly diagnose why your truck's engine is getting hotter than it should. There could be restrictions blocking airflow to the radiator or a problem with the thermostat. You'll find out for certain and get a timely repair when you look to professionals for help.

Semi-trucks are large and very powerful, which means their problems need to be handled correctly in order to maintain the right performance and safety on the road. Semi-truck repair shops, such as Blast Creations, can help you handle the more severe issues in a structured way. 


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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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