family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Using A Valet Service For Your Next Big Event

by Herman Mills

Whenever you are organizing an event that is intended to accommodate a large number of people, ensuring that individuals are able to quickly park their vehicle can be important for minimizing traffic congestion and allowing guests to quickly find their spots. A valet service can be an effective solution to this need as professionals will handle parking and retrieving the cars of your guests.

Consider The Number Of Valets That Will Be Needed

The most common setup for a valet service will be two individuals working a kiosk or cart. This will allow for one worker to retrieve the vehicle while the other continues to operate the valet station. However, if you are going to be having a large number of people attending the event, it can be useful to consider hiring one or two additional valets. This can substantially reduce the amount of time that your guests must wait before they get their vehicle. The added costs of these extra valets can be fairly marginal when compared to the benefits that shorter waiting times will provide.

Provide Convenient Parking Locations

Forcing the valets to park the vehicles a long distance from the event facility can be an issue that may cause much longer wait times as it will increase the distance that the valets must go to park and retrieve vehicles. While it may not always be possible to provide on-site parking, it is always advisable to strive to secure the closest parking possible. For those that will be hosting the event in a crowded area or another location with limited public parking, it may be possible to rent nearby parking that the valets will be able to use for the duration of your event. This will require a very precise headcount of those attending so that you will avoid paying for parking spots that you will not use or securing too few parking spots.

Only Use An Insured Valet Service For Your Needs

Having friends, family or employees handle the parking for your guests may seem like an efficient solution, but it can be extremely risky. The costs that will be involved in an auto accident can be extremely high, and without insurance, you will be liable for all of the damages that were incurred. A professional valet service provider will have ample insurance for these situations. While it is unlikely that their professional drivers will experience an accident, it will nevertheless be an important form of protection.

For more information, contact an event valet parking service in your area.


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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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