family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

AAA Certified Repairs: A Brief Guide

by Herman Mills

When your vehicle breaks down on the road and you are a long way from home and your local repair shop, what do you do? Well, as long as you're a member of the American Automobile Association, better known as the AAA, the choice is an easy one. You simply have the auto taken to a local repair shop that is certified by the AAA and let them fix the problem. The following article provides a brief guide for those unfamiliar with this topic.

What Is It?

The AAA operates a program called Approved Auto Repair. This program was started in 1975 and now has more than 8,000 auto repair shops operating throughout the United States and Canada that have been certified by the AAA for the convenience of its members. When you have your vehicle repaired at one of these businesses, you can be assured that the work will be done by qualified professionals who have the experience and training to do the job right.


A great advantage of the program is that with so many locations throughout the country, you will never have a problem finding a qualified repair shop no matter where the car breaks down. Also, it's easy to locate the nearest AAA certified repair shop. All you need to do is use the shop location tool on the AAA website.

Certification Process

Repair shops must undergo an intensive approval process before they are allowed to take part in the Approved Auto Repair program. Shops are inspected by AAA representatives for cleanliness, fair prices and customer service. They must also have an excellent business reputation within the community and have highly-trained service technicians.


One key benefit of using AAA-approved shops is that you automatically get a guarantee on all work that is good for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. The guarantee covers both labor and parts. Also, you have the assurance that you will not have to wait long to have your vehicle examined. The AAA requires all certified shops to look at a vehicle belonging to an AAA member within 60 minutes.

Another terrific benefit of the program is that the AAA offers a dispute resolution option. If you have a dispute with the shop and cannot come to terms with them, the AAA will step in at your request and do their best to see that the issue is addressed and that you are satisfied.

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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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