family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Everything You Need To Know About Brakes And The Best Improvements

by Herman Mills

The brakes of your car are an important system that help give you control of your car. Usually, cars have stock brake systems off the factory floor. The factory brakes are lower grade parts that can be upgraded to improve performance. Some car manufacturers even have their own high performance brake systems that improve handling. Here are some of the brake improvements that you will want for better performance:

1. Better Performing Brake Pads That Do Not Wear Out as Quickly

The pads of your brakes affect how your car handles. Harder brake materials will cause more friction and wear on brakes, but last a little longer. Instead of the stock pads, consider pads that are somewhere in the middle, which will not wear on brakes but still last for several years. Talk with your mechanic about the types of pads that are available for your car and what will give you the best performance and stopping power.

2. Keeping the Heat Down with Better Disks for Your Brake System

Disks of brakes cause a lot of friction that reduce performance or even cause damage to your brake system. High performance brake disks are better materials that withstand higher temperatures and cool quicker due to their design. In addition, some cars have rear drum brakes that should be replaced with disks if you want better handling and brake performance. Replacing drum brakes will give you better stopping power and reduce the chance of brake failure, as well as be easier to maintain.

3. Better Response with Better Lines and Brake Calipers for Your Car

To get better brake response, there are many things that you will want to do. Replacing the calipers and brake lines is a good way to improve the performance of your car's brakes. When replacing the lines, use more durable lines that are less likely to leak and cause brake failure. There are also master cylinders and other components to upgrade your brake system. If you are doing other upgrades to your brake system, talk with the car repair service about a complete aftermarket upgrade kit for your car. In addition, check with the manufacture to see if there are upgrades available for your car.

Replacing your car's brakes for high performance parts will give your car better handling. Contact an auto repair service, such as Soundside Automotive, to get the help you need with some of these improvements to your car's brakes. 


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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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