family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

3 Tips To Help Reduce Clutch Wear

by Herman Mills

Driving a vehicle with a manual transmission can be exciting, but it also leaves your vehicle susceptible to damage if you don't take the time to learn how to drive properly. Manual transmissions rely on a clutch to help shift the car from one gear to the next. Wearing out this clutch could result in the need for costly repairs.

Here are three tips that you can use to help prevent unnecessary clutch wear when driving a manual vehicle in the future.

1. Don't ride the clutch.

Shifting gears smoothly in a vehicle with a manual transmission requires you to depress the clutch pedal completely while shifting. You should always fully release the clutch pedal after completing each shift in order to avoid wearing out the clutch in your car.

Many drivers keep their foot on the clutch pedal when driving in conditions that require frequent gear changes. Any pressure on the pedal will partially engage the clutch, creating friction that will cause your vehicle's clutch to wear out sooner. Keep your foot off the clutch pedal when you aren't shifting gears, and you can extend the life of your clutch.

2. Know when to use neutral.

When you bring your manual vehicle to a complete stop, you should always shift into neutral. This means that neutral should be used at stop signs, stop lights, and in heavy traffic.

Drivers have a tendency to leave their vehicles in a low gear in order to prepare for impending acceleration when making routine stops. Keeping your vehicle in gear keeps the clutch engaged, which could cause serious damage. Be sure that you are using neutral appropriately to help your clutch last longer.

3. Change gears quickly.

Keeping your clutch engaged for extended periods of time can lead to premature wear. If you want to extend the life of your vehicle's clutch, then you need to make quick gear changes when driving.

As you approach a shifting threshold, you should press the clutch in fully, make the gear change, then release the clutch pedal with a swift and smooth motion. Making quick gear changes can help you avoid unnecessarily working your car's clutch.

Knowing how to keep a clutch from wearing out too soon is critical when you drive a car with a manual transmission. Be sure that you aren't riding the clutch, that you use neutral when your car is stationary, and that you make quick gear changes to avoid clutch wear in the future.


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