family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

3 Car Repairs You Can Do on Your Own

by Herman Mills

Car repairs can easily become overwhelming and expensive. If you have an older car, you may feel like you constantly need to change or repair something. There are some repairs that you definitely need to hire someone to do, but there are other repairs that you can do on your own. All you need to do is purchase the car part, watch a tutorial, and you should easily be able to fix it, even if you have very little experience with fixing cars. Here are some of those easy fixes.

1. Battery

If the battery on your car goes out, you may worry that you will need to spend hundreds of dollars in repairs. Luckily, this isn't the case. You can get the battery itself for a discounted price by simply purchasing it from an auto part store. The materials for changing a battery are not that expensive. You will only need a couple different tools like some wrenches, a socket set and a screwdriver. The battery is generally located at the front of the car so you can easily find it and take it out as needed. Just make sure before you replace a battery that you have educated yourself so that you don't shock yourself in the process.

2. Brake Pads

The brake pads are the part of the car that prevents the brakes from damaging any part of the tire or the mechanics around the tire. If your brake pads are worn out they will make the car screech every time you brake. You might even have delayed slowing down when you push on the brakes. This is not because the actual brakes have problems; in this case it is because your brake pads are worn. Luckily, brake pads are very inexpensive and are a simple fix.

3. Air Filters

Most times when you go into a mechanics shop to get something like an oil change, they will check your air filers. These filters should be changed often, but they don't necessarily need to be changed at the mechanic. You can spend more by getting them changed at the mechanic rather than doing it yourself. The only reason is it easy to have them do it then is because they are close by when they change the oil. But you should easily be able to get to your air filters and switch it out.

By doing these repairs on your own you can save money. 


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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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