family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Your New Car Needs A New Windshield – Do You Know How Much It Will Cost?

by Herman Mills

You might have just bought your first car, or perhaps you have had it awhile and suddenly there is a growing crack on your windshield. You could repair it if it's not too bad of a crack or you might have to look into replacing it. Do you know how much it could cost you? While every car isn't the same, there is a bit of a guideline to follow to understand the cost.

Make and Model

The cost to replace a windshield will vary greatly across vehicles and will depend on what make and model they are. For the average car, one that is not a luxury car, the cost can range from $100s to about $300. Collector cars and high end valued cars, for example, a Lexus will cost you much more. These windshields may only be available through dealers and some are custom made for the model.

You can buy an aftermarket windshield which could help reduce your cost instead of opting for an original manufacturer model. If you do decide to buy an aftermarket windshield, you might have to have it fitted to your car as they aren't specifically created for your particular model but to fit a range of models. An original model from the manufacturer is made for your type of car and no changes would have to be made.

Other Costs

You won't only pay for the windshield itself when you get it replaced either. The cost of the replacement covers the technician's fees. You might find one to actually go to your home to replace the glass, or you can take your car to an auto glass repair shop to have it fixed. It doesn't take long to make the repair, maybe an hour or so depending on how busy the shop is. All labor and materials are included in your price, plus taxes.

There might be other costs associated with the replacement, if you have any unique features like your windshield wipers attach directly to the windshield, or if you have rubber moldings, that will require additional work to replace.

Repair and Insurance

If your crack is small, you might not need to replace your windshield at all. If a repair is all you need, you will look at a fee of less than $100 to just over.

Check to see if your insurance will cover the cost of a windshield replacement or repair. If you have comprehensive coverage, it more than likely will cover the cost. For more information, talk to a professional like Coats Auto Body and Paint.


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