family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Three Tips To Follow When Using A Carpet Kit

by Herman Mills

If the carpet in the interior of your vehicle is damaged, don't fret. Damaged carpet doesn't have to ruin your car's looks. Instead, replace the damaged carpet with a carpet kit. A carpet kit comes with everything you need to replace worn carpet marred by stains or sun damage. Stick with these tips to ensure you are happy with the results of your carpet kit.

1. Pay Attention to Both the Color and Texture of Your Carpet

When picking out your carpet kit, it is important to check that both the color and texture of the carpet match your vehicle's interior carpet. Many car owners only consider color and forget to look at the texture, but texture is just as important when finding a great match. 

If the carpet in the kit is not a match, the carpet will look out of place. A well-chosen carpet kit looks exactly like your car's original carpet. 

Depending on the make and model of your car, there may be a car kit specifically suited for your vehicle. You can also have a carpet kit custom manufactured to ensure that the color and texture are a perfect match. One advantage of a kit created for your car is that the carpet is already cut to fit your automobile.

Generic carpet kits work in a number of different makes and models, but they do require a bit of cutting for the proper fit.

2. Look for Signs of Durability

As you browse potential carpet kits, examine the carpet for indications that it is a durable option. If the carpet kit doesn't include durable materials, your carpet will quickly wear out, requiring yet another replacement project. 

Look for carpet pieces that contain a sturdy backing. This minimizes the wear and tear that eventually causes holes to wear completely through your carpet. Thick pieces of carpet also have a longer lifespan than thinner options.

3. Don't Take Shortcuts During the Installation Process

Though the process of installing the carpet in a carpet kit is not difficult task, it requires that you follow all of the steps. When installing the carpet, remove the necessary components, such as your car's seats, paneling, and trim. Don't succumb to the temptation to just shove the carpet up under these areas.

Once everything is removed and the old carpet is out, make sure that you thoroughly clean the floor of your vehicle. The adhesive used to hold the new carpet in place adheres better to a clean surface. 

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