family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

Common Indicators for Brake Issues

by Herman Mills

Driving around with failing brakes can be a major risk to your safety as this can minimize the control you have over your vehicle. This can also pose a threat to the performance and quality of your entire braking system, which could end up costing you hundreds—even thousands—if you continue to neglect your failing brakes. If you aren't sure when or why you need to obtain brake services, there are various indicators that can inform you of failing brakes, like the following:

Grinding Noises When Braking:

A simple tip that can inform you of brake complications is when your brake pads are low. Most brake pads have an indicator stick built into them, and these indicator sticks are exposed once your pads have reached a certain level. Once this occurs, your indicator stick will grind against your rotors, creating a grinding noise. If any noise like this occurs when braking, then it is likely time that you have a mechanic replace your brake pads.

Delayed Braking Performance:

If your car doesn't have a quick response when you attempt to brake, then the problem could be caused by poor quality brake fluid. Air bubbles and dirt can compromise your brake fluid, preventing your braking system from being properly lubricated. Lack of lubrication results in a delay when you attempt to brake. This can definitely reduce your vehicle control, so it's important that you hire a mechanic that can diagnose the issue and replace your brake fluid.

Warped Rotor Issues:

Warped rotors can be a serious problem, and there is a great and easy sign if this issue is present. The most common sign of warped rotors is if your vehicle shakes when you brake. This shaking is caused by your brakes attempting to latch onto the rotors, but, because they are warped, your brake pads will have a hard time doing so. This will result in your vehicle shaking each time you attempt to brake.

These three indicators can be great opportunities to understand why and when your brakes are failing so you can act accordingly. Not only will this ensure you stay on top of your brake maintenance, but understanding your brakes can also ensure you are driving safe and with total control of your vehicle. So, before you continue to drive around with failing brakes, be sure to act on brake services if any of these signs are presented.


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family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

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