family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

family auto mechanics - helping you find the problem

What Mistakes Should You Avoid Making with Your Tires?

by Herman Mills

Your tires are one of the most important features of your car. When they are in disrepair or incorrectly installed, you could experience a number of problems, including blowouts. Regular maintenance of your tires can help you and your passengers remain safe. As part of taking care of your tires, you need to be aware of the mistakes you should avoid making. 

Failing to Have a Wheel Alignment

When you hit curbs, potholes, or just drive your car, it is possible that the car's suspension and steering system can be knocked out of sync. When this happens, the lifespan of your tires can be significantly cut. As you drive your car, the uneven alignment means that the tires are unevenly wearing down. As a result, all of the tires will have to overcompensate for the unevenness, which means they wear down quicker.  

Skipping a wheel alignment could also mean you are sacrificing your comfort. Unevenly aligned tires can cause your car to feel as if it is wobbling, which can take the enjoyment out of driving.  

You should have your tires aligned whenever the car seems to be pulling to one side or the front tires appear to be more worn than the rear tires. You should also do it if your car jostles a lot when you hit a bump. If you are getting new tires, the tire specialist can determine if an alignment is needed at that point, too. 

Incorrectly Opting for a Plug

To save money, some car owners opt to have their tires plugged whenever they experience a flat. However, there are some situations in which a plug should not be used. One of those instances is when the hole is in the sidewall of the tire.  

The sidewall of a tire is one of the weakest areas of the tires. It is not as reinforced as the tire tread because it does not come into contact with the road. When the sidewall is plugged, it does not have the support needed to continue to maintain the structure of the tire. As a result, the pressure from driving the car can cause a blowout.  

If you are unsure whether or not your tire needs to be replaced, take it to a local tire store like XL Auto Service & Tires. Technicians can assess the tire and determine if a plug is an option. If not, you can receive a consultation on the right tire for your particular car. 


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